The photographs depict close color representations of the artwork.

© 2012 Right Brain Terrain LLC
, Frederic Terral


squares - "le monde"- $225
(Free Shipping Worldwide)

In edition of 1
Paper collage on masonite
24 in. x 36 in.

1" square tiles from a 1992 French map of the World, a 1997 map of the U.S. and a 1995 U.S. map of the World. Collage protected with an acrylic polymer emulsion that is water and uv resistant.

SQUARES is an experiment in patience. The arduous, meticulous and deliberate placement of little square pieces is both therapeutic and grueling. It is these contrasting forces that create the allure. Reclaimed magazines, maps, catalogs, and all other paper goods destined for recycle bins or landfills can now live on beyond their creators' intent. What once was someone’s clutter or litter becomes "art" to another. Each square represents a singular idea. Collectively these squares take on new meaning. They become the building blocks for narratives within their gazer’s imagination.

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