+ The Adnostic
Right Brain Terrain: Alternative to Successories?
Tired of the standard motivational poster with the high gloss finish? Check out Right Brain Terrain. Their posters tend toward the Andy Warhol Op-Art genre. They bill themselves as “Alternative Motivational Posters” (or AMPs) and they are! Their products are more visceral than the standard motivational poster. Where the current variety blends into the walls because they are so commonplace, AMPs cause a reaction! You love them or you hate them. (At least they motivate something!)They even poke fun at their product when they suggest you may just need to cover a hole in the wall (you punched when a good friend wrecked your car). Good for them. Never take your product too seriously!How can you give an established, successful product a new twist for a new generation?

Remember those painfully cheesy motivational posters that were always sold in malls? Well, Right Brain Terrain has designed cool versions, which actually do inspire. I LOVE this focus poster. And it works well, because now that I've filled my apartment with artwork, I'm moving on to my office!

+ An Artsy Fartsy Weblog
Have you seen the motivational poster of the guy climbing a mountain, the man leaping across the dangerous gorge, the eagle soaring high above the plain? The bees? The bees with the little jackets that attack small legless lambs? The bees that attack small legless lambs and then attack the world?  Yeah, those posters...I hate them too (especially the bees). Fortunately there is a new company that is selling new type of posters.  They are pretty damned sweet too.  I'd buy one myself but we're trying to sell our house (any takers? Nice house, good price here in the ATL) and I need less clutter, not more. Go check these out, they are very cool!

+ Apartment Therapy - Los Angeles
2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? The days of sappy and insincere motivational posters are over! We are loving these alternatives created by Right Brain Terrain. What's even better? They're totally green: printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers, made with green energy, and printed with vegetable based inks. That means everyone's a winner!

+ Apartment Therapy Re-Nest

We've never been much for motivational posters. While the sentiment is right, they always come off looking cheesy and cheap. Right Brain Terrain's AMPs (alternative motivational posters) try to avoid the cliché. They don't look like they're trying to make me climb a mountain or swim the English Channel. Instead, these 100% post-consumer recycled posters are subtle and kind of cool. Or, as RBT says on their website, they're "wall coverings to hide the hole you punched when your best friend crashed your car." Ah yes. We all have days like that. Even just looking at the "Patience" poster above with all the stop signs is making my heart beat faster! See more posters below...

+ Beancounters
I'll give you motivation!  Create I've never seen anything like these alternative motivational posters. Aren't they beautiful? And at $15 apiece, I could afford to get sneaky and replace some of the boring old team-building posters around my office.”

+ Believe in Change
This site produces what they call Alternative Motivational Posters. No stereotypical images of people climbing mountains, soaring eagles etc that you might find in the waiting room of your dentist’s office. These posters feel very street-art inspired and convey strong messages without the cheese. And they are very reasonably priced. Great art + great message = real inspiration.

+ BizBash New York
A Gift to Motivate Staffers:
"Cheesy motivational posters of soaring eagles or runners crossing the finish line can inspire laughter more than anything else. But office-friendly art doesn’t have to be generic: Florida-based design firm Right Brain Terrain makes what it terms 'alternative motivational posters' for sprucing up the workplace or sending as corporate gifts..."

+ Cloud 9

This is from a series of new age motivational posters, which is a very cool idea. I doubt the "hang in there" kitty is quite as inspirational as it once was (if, in fact, it every was). I really like this one, though at first it seemed contradictory, what with all the lack of focus that it has at first glance, but that is the creativity and the beauty that stems from a clear and focused mind. This would and is actually inspirational to me. And for $15, it's entirely do-able.

+ closerlook
Cool, green inspiration... With the closerlook offices currently undergoing a makeover, I think these re-invented motivational posters are pretty timely. Orlando-based Right Brain Terrain has been creating these “alternative motivational posters” since 2005 as an alternative to the sorely prevalent, glossy variety found in offices and institutions the world over. You know the ones—dolphins, mountaintops, Lamborghinis, etc.

+ Crazy Online Weblog
Alternative Motivational Posters...I like very much.

+ Creative Faucet

Considering that the above image (courage) has been gracing my desktop background for the past few months, I figure it would be good to give Right Brain Terrain some love. (Not that they necessarily need more love, as they certainly get plenty). Full disclosure, I tend to be a complete sucker for a well done inspirational item. I love a good graduation speech (Most recently this surprisingly touching commencement address by Mike O’Malley, of GUTS fame. I know. But seriously. Read it. It’s good.) One of my favorite albums right now is the new Weepies. So I’m a bit predisposed to like these. But I do so love them. If I didn’t have such a bad track record of getting posters and not hanging them up, these would definitely be adorning my walls. Maybe once I decide to stay in the same place longer than a year, they will.

+ Culture Soak

These are not your “Hang in There” motivational posters that you’re used to seeing around campuses and the doctor’s office. Check out these Alternative Motivational Posters that are also environmentally friendly.

+ DailyCandy - Seattle Edition
The Beastie Boys. Barack Obama. Ben Affleck in Boiler Room. Some people really know how to pump up a crowd. Your HR manager, however, is not one of them. (You vomit in your mouth every time you pass the “Teamwork” poster she hung in the hallway.)

So perhaps it’s time to take office decor into your own hands — with Right Brain Terrain’s Alternative Motivational Posters. The fine art-worthy prints were inspired by founder Frederic Terral’s love of modern rock posters (and his hatred of cheeseball motivational monstrosities).

Now printed on 100 percent recycled paper and using only vegetable-based inks, the surprisingly mesmerizing posters marry inspirational messages with striking graphic prints. Of course, we doubt that Focus (a swirling cloud of Rococo-reminiscent designs) will stop your obsession over your Second Life account. Or that Courage (a fantastical cityscape) will calm you before a presentation.

But a touch of beauty could help you claw your way through the workday. And feel less like a kitten hanging onto a limb.
+ Days of Danger
If you work in an office you probably know that a big part of office life is supervisors trying to keep you motivated and positive, mostly so you'll get your work done well and on time, but also so you don't spray the building with napalm and dance on the ashes. Thus was the motivational poster born; a hackneyed attempt to elicit enthusiasm from employees by inspiring them with a quote and a majestic photo. All they ever made me think about was how much I'd rather be at the Grand Canyon than looking at a picture of it above the coffee maker at 8am. This dissatisfied niche is where Alternative Motivational Posters come in. Combining excellent design with a simple message, the posters are something I'd want to decorate my house with rather than something I think is mocking me and underestimating my intelligence. Motivational posters in general are hokey and stupid, but at least these are nice to look at, and they don't give me quotes from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

+ decor8
Right Brain Terrain, a company that specializes in alternative motivational posters that just so happen to be green. All of their posters are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified and they use soy-based inks for printing. They believe that their posters not only serve as reminders of our imperfect nature so as to kick us into action at times, but they also cheer us on and celebrate our personal victories -- paper cheerleaders! I see a big trend going on right now with modern motivational posters, whether it's a single world or quote. Thank goodness we've finally advanced beyond these (linked to...) things because well, they drive me crazy. I recall my former life in the office where soaring eagle and mountain posters with words like "Aim High" and "Soar to New Heights" could be found on every wall. Thankfully we have more than corporate motivational posters to select from when we're looking for inspiration, all in a hipper more modern format.

+ Design Crush
Ever see the motivational poster with the eagle soaring high above the plains that's supposed to fill you with inspiration of an unmeasuarable magnitude? These posters aren't those. Back in the day - 2005 - Right Brain Terrain came to the conclusion that they weren't moved by those posters, so they must not be motivating too many others either. What followed shortly thereafter was the birth of Alternative Motivaional Posters - AMPs for short. AMPs are bold, contemporary and well-designed. My favorite is Focus. I'd actually come across the poster imagery a few years ago and had no idea where it came from, but hung on to it. I'm thrilled to have finally located the genius behind the posters. And I think the Focus print will be my gift to me for moving into an office with an actual door.

+ Design For Mankind
Much, much better than that whole eagle-in-the-sky look.

+ Decent Marketing
Inspiration Sans Cheese... On Fast Company's blog, I read about these cool motivational posters designed by Right Brain Terrain.  I checked them out, and I really, really like them.  They are so much better than that stuff they sell at Successories, the place my husband and I like to call "Cheesecessories".  I have to say that whenever I see one of those posters, I just cringe.  You know the ones ...

+ Design Milk
So you don’t know what kind of art to hang in your office. How about motivational posters? Ew - ugly, right? Not these. Fred Terral emailed me his line of very cool, hip motivational posters. I love all of them. Even better - the posters are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified, certified processed chlorine free (CPCF), and made with 100% green energy. AND they are only printed with vegetable based inks, such as Soy.

+ Design Mom

I just discovered these "alternative" motivational posters designed by Frederic Terral and available from Right Brain Terrain. And I find them absolutely motivating. So pretty. Lots more to choose from here. Very reasonable prices.

+ Design*Sponge

Better than those "hang in there" posters....
The crazy gang at right brain terrain are your source for "alternative" motivational posters. we've all seen those hideous posters of little kittens hanging from branches inspiring us to hold on and make it through the day- but THESE are the type of posters that make ME want to work more. click here for more info on the crew at right brain terrain. hang in there!

+ DieselFueled
Much, much cooler than typical motivational posters, RightBrainTerrain’s “Alternative Motivational Posters” are pretty damn cool.

+ Doobybrain
Right Brain Terrain’s alternative motivational posters are probably better at exposing your creative side than just making you “do work”. These posters are pretty good looking. Yeah.

+ Drawn!
Alternative Motivational Posters are just that — nicely designed alternatives to those cheesy feel-good empowerment posters you always see in guidance counsellor offices or waiting rooms (you know the kind — with the eagle soaring high above the plains, or the guy climbing a mountain…).

+ ecoFabulous!
Post(er) Modern -- Integrity We've all seen them: maybe at the dentist's office or during the humdrum of a workday - the omnipresent motivational poster that incites more gastric juice activity than actual inspiration. A man runs on some sand dune, in some dessert - Perseverance. An eagle soars over a mountain - Leadership. A drop of water ripples out in stagnate water - Action. You get the cheesy picture. It is with a sigh of relief that AMPs (Alternative Motivational Posters) from Right Brain Terrain are creating real ripples. A company that tells a completely different story, one that reflects human ingenuity, design and progress. These posters were designed to save us from the stock photos, sappy sentiment and toxic, glossy sheens that have become standard. Instead, all of their posters are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and from FSC-certified wood sources. They use Certified Processed Chlorine Free and vegetable-based inks such as soy. While I may not be rushing to adorn my own walls with AMPs, I gladly welcome their presence everywhere one of their obsolete cousins of generations past would have been (DREAMER).

+ EcoSalon
No one annoys me more than a constant quoter of clichés. Especially irksome is the motivational kind of cliché – overused, inane and just plain tired. When I’m in the midst of something challenging (good or bad), the last thing I need or want to hear is “when the going gets tough…” or “when this is over you’ll look back and be grateful for it…” Um, I’m going to be sick now.

What is more likely to move me in those moments is actually much simpler than a silly statement. Something like a smile, a hug or just a pretty picture might provide me with the necessary attitude adjustment. The Alternative Motivational Posters by Right Brain Terrain are the perfect pretty picture. Subtle, stylish, smart…without the ego. They aren’t attempting to be the answer, but rather help guide us through and toward our own answer.

+ FreshTrend
Looking for something unique and fun for a gift idea? Consider RightBrainTerrain's alternative motivational posters for a very cool looking and witty take on various motivational topics.

+ Fast Company
If your no-humor office isn't the type that would see the brilliance in Despair.com's sarcastic takes on motivational posters, maybe you could at least get them to substitute those cheesy wall hangings with these nicely designed takes on the motivational affiche.

+ FortySeven Media
If you’re as sick of those cheesy motivational posters that reside in every office in the US as I am, check out this alternative.

+ Gear Patrol
Cheesy motivational posters rarely do anything more than perpetuate cliché sentiments and Office Space quotes. If you’re looking for some decor for your home office, then take a look at Right Brain Terrain’s Alternative Motivational Posters. They’ve got a nice lithograph feel to them and manage to conjure up notions of actual motivation and inspiration rather than cheesiness and workaday blues.

+ Goldbrick Cafe
PLEASE check out this brilliant website. Not only do they sell posters that everybidy should own, they have a “blog” providing links to some truely must see stuff.

The only thing motivational posters have actually motivated is a bunch of satirical mockery (see Demotivators). And fair enough: that “Success” poster, with the stock photography and the shallow, subtly prodding sentence is itself a glaring example of failure. The “Creativity” poster that looks exactly like it is an example of loveless, cookie-cutter production. So it’s cool to see some “Alternative Motivational Posters” that are actually well designed. We don’t know if they’d inspire your office drones but they’re a lot nicer to look at.

+ Good for Party
You know those "I wish I would have thought of that" ideas? The ideas that are so simple and so obvious that you feel a little silly for not cashing in on them yourself? Well, A.M.P.s are that idea. Alternative Motivational Posters are the greatest thing since sliced bread...for hipsters. Imagine sitting in a dentist's office and seeing a motivational poster for Ego done up in swirling arabesques and a sumptuous sans-serif. Now that's therapeutic. Using eco-friendly products, these posters are shipped to you from the U.S. for as low as $14.95 per item. That's a small price to pay for looking good and feeling good.

Beautiful & Sustainable Motivational Posters - There’s a new kid on the motivation poster block and their shaking it up. Breaking from the traditional motivational poster mold, Frederic Terral of Right Brain Terrain is making motivators that you actually want hanging on your wall, plus they are eco-friendly! Besides creating wall art that is so striking they’ll probably never end up in a landfill, Right Brain Terrain posters are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified and certified processed chlorine free (CPCF). They print with vegetable based inks, such as Soy and they ship them in tubes made from 70-100% post consumer recycled content. How’s that for eco-friendly?! So if you tend to resist change, try hanging up one of these bad boys between your poster of the soaring eagle and the one with the close up of the soccer ball and you might find the motivation you need to recycle your fanny pack and pleated jeans and make the world a more beautiful place.

+ gycouture[design]
j'ai parlé récemment d'un projet scolaire hors des sentiers battus. on avait demandé aux anciens de faire des affiches conseillant les nouveaux. ici, une série d'affiches du même genre, mais ayant le mandat de nous motiver, autrement qu'avec un alpiniste qui grimpe devant un couché de soleil... graphiquement celles proposées aujourd'hui sont vraiment très réussies. conçues par Right Brain Terrain de la floride, ces 16 affiches ont un ton très différent de ce qu'on voit normalement et avec une conscience verte expliquée de long en large sur le site. tant mieux! chaque affiche est à un prix plus que raisonnable (15$). voir les photos des clients heureux dans la section «peeps»

+ happy cavalier

Check out these motivational posters (from right brain terrain) that aren't the norm in corporate america...known as alternative motivational posters or AMP's, these are definitely something I would consider graphic genius...

+ hrrrthrrr
”___ THE PLANET”  Save, protect, revere, clean… our planet. You decide. Either way, do it now. Do it. Do it. Do it. I love the simplicity of this poster. Plus, it’s made completely of green friendly materials, even in shipping. So if you accidentally buy two of these prints, feel free to send one my way… Right Brain Terrain has quite a few great looking prints so make sure to take a look around.

+ imarketblog
Suck-Scessories...  I must be a hateful person. I hate romance novels. I hate call waiting. I hate companies who use base sexual references to sell a professional service. I hate bean paste. Apparently, I am filled with hate and I can add yet another item to the list. Successories. I can't stand them. I got a calendar filled with them from a publisher and it immediately went into the circular file. If I walk into a manager's office and I see one on their desk or, even worse, prominently displayed on their wall, I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes while thinking, "If all it takes to motivate a company and improve performance are cheap words and stock photography, then why did I bother getting an MBA?"Then Despair, Inc. came to my attention. They poked fun at popularity of Successories and what a dog-eat-dog place the business world can be. Something I can laugh at? Yes. Something I would hang on my wall, let alone buy? Absolutely not.Finally, the Age of Enlightenment for motivational poster art has arrived in the form of Right Brain Terrain's Alternative Motivational Posters.
The posters are beautiful pieces of art with an abstract, yet striking message. They are simple, authentic, well designed, and fail to make me gag. Making them something I would be glad to put on my wall...

+ Insert Coin
Vous n’avez jamais supporté les motivational posters? Ces posters accrochés aux murs des bureaux par les mauvais managers qui espèrent motiver leurs “troupes” à l’aide d’une jolie photo représentant une qualité. Jetez un œil à ceux de Right Brain Terrain. J’aime beaucoup. On a enfin envie de recouvrir les murs de ce type de posters.

+ The Jailbreak
These Alternative Motivational Posters from Right Brain Terrain are quite nice.

+ Josh Spear

We covered the fabulous posters of ironic, witty and maybe even borderline genius designer Frederic Terral of Right Brain Terrain before. The set was titled Alternative Motivational Posters, a refreshing group of imaginative posters that inspired things like confidence through great design rather than a photograph of some boardroom looking guy giving a firm handshake to an office co-worker. My favorite piece from his new set is entitled Peace, where olive branches are being dropped from the sky to blossom as olive trees in the earth below. Printed on 100% post recycled consumer paper with soy and vegetable based inks, very nice!
   - Josh Spear

+ Josh Spear
Motivational Posters: The only two words in the English language that, when used together, capture the horror of both office cubicles and principals’ office’s. I know they must serve some deep-rooted need in order to sell the way they have, but all I ever felt “motivated” to do with them was to set them on fire. The sad news is that these classics are still sold from the pages of magazines (mostly those “located in the seat-pocket in front of you”), but the very happy news is that their days may be numbered. Right Brain Terrain, producer of the world’s first alternative motivational poster (you’ve seen em here before), is about to begin distribution of their beautifully designed “AMP’s” that are “not intended to inspire one to get off the couch and run a marathon” but do serve as creatively inspiring “subtle reminders of our imperfect nature or of our personal victories.” And they are subtle; the art direction of these posters leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation and leaves out all of the claustrophobic effects of the “other” motivational posters. Other perks of the AMP’s include their beauty, their un-cheesy-ness, and their, um, motivational qualities.
  - Carmel the Intern

+ karma button

I find new artists to love all of the time thanks to the internet and all of the wonderful sources of inspiration out there-- to add to that, I am an internet junky who floats from site to site to site clamoring over the beauty out there to be sought. In one of my recent link clicking escapades I not only found a new artist who aesthetically wows me, but I found a concept that not only spreads positive messages, but also tries to develop a community of active thinkers.... I love the graphic style and simplicity of some of his work and find it hard to choose one favorite! As a fellow right-brainer, I find it important to support the arts, community, proactive behavior, and all around goodness!! Bravo Mr. Terral!

+ kind over matter
I LOVE this project! Alternative Motivational Posters printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers. Make sure to read Terral's Manifesto... sooooo inspiring!

+ Love It A Lot
I'm not a big fan of those motivational posters that have a picture of a guy kayaking in some serene waters, and the words "INSPIRATION" written across the bottom. Or you know, whatever. You get the idea. I am however, a BIG fan of these Alternative Motivational Posters from Right Brain Terrain. Some of them are really amazing, and also not something I would find hanging in an HR directors office. Which is a plus. I really like this Focus poster, and this Courage one as well.

+ MajorityMag
The folks over at Right Brain Terrain have added a cool new addition to their collection of Alternative Motivational Posters. This one is entitled “GIVE” with the concept behind the design being: “If you give, others will follow.” We agree…and we love the poster. Also, the new “GIVE” poster plus several others are available to download so now you can get motivated everytime you look at your computer screen! (OK…well at least you’ll have a cool background to show your friends).

+ Midwest Modern Girl

I love the illustrative quality and colors of these posters by right brain terrain. They have a lot of really great things on their website. Do you know those motivational posters that you see in doctors offices, schools, etc. of a man climbing a mountain...? Well they wanted to create motivational posters that were unique, modern and designed really, really well. I think they succeeded.

+ Mindgum
You remember those awful motivational posters that stridently asserted the importance of “TEAMWORK” and “INNOVATION” with a photo of a peaceful forest? Alternative Motivational Posters represent a major improvement.

+ Neomansland, le blog vert!
Le poster produit en série a fait son entrée dans notre déco depuis quelques temps. il n’y a qu’à aller chez IKEA pour se rentre compte que leur rayon s’étoffe… Et bien je vous ai trouvé une petite entreprise américaine qui a pris cette tendance, mais qui produit des posters à partir de papier 100% recyclé et/ou FSC, dont le process est certifié sans Chlorine, et qui utilise uniquement des encres végétales. Pour aller jusqu’au bout, même les tubes d’emballages sont en carton contenant un minimum de 70% de matière recyclée. J’avoue que les visuels qu’ils créent sont vraiment pas mal ! je vous laisse aller en juger par vous même sur leur site. Pour le prix, ça reste très raisonnable puisqu’ils proposent leurs posters à moins de 15$, donc encore moins cher quand on achète en euros...

+ perfectbound

Last week, the funniest thing happened. I came across this site with some seriously awesome posters by Right Brain Terrain. (The rhyming is terribly cool.) I don't really remember how I ended up there (one click lead to another). ...They're printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled and FSC Certified papers with soy/vegetable based inks and 100% Green Energy! It's like discovering a super delicious cake with no fat or calories or something. And they're only $15 a pop. ...And as far as motivational posters go, these are definitely the best looking ones I've seen. Definitely check them out! They're good and good for you. (And the planet.)

+ Selector & Reflector
What a great idea!  ...these quasi-motivational prints will infuse any home or business with a sense of modern style while gently reminding you to get your ass in gear.

+ Shoestring Decorator

First I fell in love with these (posters from another site), and now I find myself coveting stuff like this (via Design*Sponge)… They are the creations of RightBrainTerrain.com, and they aspire to bring the world something cooler than your typical fluffy kitten/sparkling golf course/sleeping baby motivational posters. It’s about time!

Right Brain Terrain's work has a very unique yet classic feel which boads well as they work on many mediums of art. Their latest move has seen some of their great AMP (alternative motivation posters) into Desktop Wallpapers. Take a closer look below and go through the Right Brain Terrains' website for many more interesting works.

+ Soul*Coffee
We have all seen them. One reads "Change" under a picture of a butterfly carefully landing on a blooming flower. Another has a picture of a full grown lion standing on top of a mountain with the setting sun in the background and the title "Integrity". These so called motivational posters are spreading like weeds. Use Google to search the term "motivational posters" and you will find hundreds of variations, even some that are made to mock the very posters they resemble. The question is, who buys these posters or better yet, who on earth is motivated by them? Florida artist Frederic Terral was not motivated but instead inspired to create his own line of motivational posters. The difference between his and traditional posters is that his contain no color photographs, no giant type, no cheap frames, and no inspirational quotes.Terral's posters are called alternative motivational posters or AMPs for short. The AMPs are four color prints that in reality were never meant to motivate at all. Frederic explains by saying, "Who are we to be so arrogant as to assume that we know what will motivate or inspire you?" Regardless of whether or not Frederic's designs motivate you to get off the couch and run a marathon, his posters are unique and they make great art.

+ stirman.net
Alternative Motivation... Inspirational artwork. I am seriously considering buying a couple.

+ SuperForest
Things We Love: Right Brain Terrain’s “Alternative Motivational Posters" -- Right Brain Territory is a lovely website that re-creates those outdated motivational posters we see in offices or classrooms. You know the type, the silhouetted mountain climbers, the eagle soaring against the crisp blue sky, and yes, even the “hang in there” kitty. As well-intentioned as they may be, there is no denying the fact that these motivational posters are beginning to reach (or already have reached) “cliché” status. Instead, Right Brain Territory creates what it calls "Alternative Motivational Posters"! ...While I was poking around the website, I also discovered they have a manifesto filled with deliciousness on the beauty of making things! (swoon!) ...Love! What excellent work! You can check out more of Right Brain Terrain’s posters here as well as other goodies that are sure to inspire and of course, motivate!

+ Surviving the Workday
Think of a motivational poster. I picture an overly tan lizard-like man scaling a rock face without any ropes with the word “Perseverance” underneath. And then I picture my reaction in which I wonder why anyone would choose the image of a vertical rock face for work or glorify working without ropes. Alternative Motivational Posters seem pretty interesting as an option. I’m fond of Patience. That seems about right. And the posters are made with vegetable ink on recycled paper.

+ Textura Design
Lucky I didn’t delete the email from Right Brain Terrain in my spam filter, ‘cause they’re selling Alternative Motivational Posters (AMP) that do good for the creative types in the office. There’s no guy leaping a dangerous gorge or soaring eagle imagery in these posters. Instead beautiful, poetic, design that’s coming from people that obviously love what they’re doing. Scroll through their blog and find a collection of designy sites that have linked and posted on them as well.

+ thematchfactory.com
Alternative Motivational Posters...Basically more artistic and less insulting versions of those annoying Successories posters.

+ Together We Think Funny
These popped up onto my radar a while ago, and I have been admiring them ever since. The one above ['Focus'] is actually on the board next to my desk at work - something about the colors and patterns make me so happy. I think they feel so fresh and young - and much more inspirational to me than those posters you see in every corporate office in America. Definitely take a peek at their website if you like these, as they have a few other designs there worth looking at.

+ TreeHugger
Right Brain Terrain: Not Your Corporate Drone's Motivational Poster
by Jasmin Malik Chua, Jersey City, USA

Motivational posters are supposed to, well, motivate, not nauseate. Right Brain Terrain busts your gigantic-font, upper-case aspirations out of the black-bordered box with its line of mod and far-subtler Alternative Motivational Posters. No cookie-cutter layouts for this Orlando, Fl.-based company: It prints its "positive decorations for our occasionally monotonous lives" on uncoated, Forestry Service Certified 100 percent post-consumer paper, using vegetable-based inks. Because there is no "eyesore" in "team." (See what we just did there? There is no "eye" ... never mind.)

+ wolfie and the sneak
...Not only are his Alternative Motivational Posters so friggin' cool, but he knows great customer service, which is always a plus! I saw them and thought I wouldn't remember to look back for the Grow one to come off the press, so he kindly sent me an email when they did! How nice is that?

+ yewknee
I don't think that the Alternative Motivational Posters are really all that motivational but they've got a good look. The "Ego" and "Courage" prints in particular are right up my alley.